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Are you feeling tired? Overwhelmed? Sad? Distracted? Alone?

Maybe you thought getting pregnant would be magical... and then struggled with infertility and loss. Or maybe you thought the same about pregnancy, until anxiety almost crushed you. And then when you think you're ahead of the game and expecting postpartum to be hard, you're left feeling unrecognizable.

I've been there, too.

Whatever your story may be, the first years of new motherhood (From the moment you try to conceive) are unimaginably hard.

You are not alone.

Does this sound like you?

Finding the right therapist is essential.

I offer a 15-minute consultation to chat and make sure we're a good fit to work together. If we are, individual sessions can begin usually within seven days!

Who i am

About Me

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I am a licensed clinical social worker who is passionate about helping women in the new years of motherhood. I am constantly working to provide the best quality of care for my clients through training and research.

When you get on an airplane, the safety instructions remind you to put your air mask on before assisting someone else. I'm here to help you put your air mask on first - guilt free!

Therapeutic Techniques

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have worked with adolescents and adults using a variety of treatment styles to reach their goals and thrive. I believe treatment must be individualized and specific to your needs. I often use multiple techniques when working with a client. In order to provide the highest standard of care, I have received training and am highly skilled in the following treatment modalities:

Treatment modalities

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT focuses on modifying behavior, thoughts, and emotions by challenging negative beliefs. CBT targets present emotions and thoughts in real-time.

dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)

DBT assists in the experience of intense emotions by teaching specific skills and how to use them appropriate in real-life experiences.

Person Centered Therapy

Person centered therapy recognizes the client is an authority in their own lives while the therapist acts as an empathetic guide to problem solving.

Solution focused brief therapy (SFBT)

Usually lasting less than twelve weeks, SFBT targets finding solutions to present problems and focusing on hope for the future.

Trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT)

TF-CBT addresses past traumatic events or complex trauma through modifying negative thought patterns in real-time.

Why Brain Aligned?

I began Brain Aligned, LLC with you in mind. I had been working at a middle school during the pandemic and struggling with my own personal life when I found myself checking out of everything. When I was able to look up - I recognized teachers, nurses, and parents all doing the same. I realized my brain was so scattered, it could not settle on one thing. I began to do research and work into solving my own struggle. The research was clear: by aligning our brains and taking control of our nervous systems, I would be more prepared to show up for me and those who needed me. I began combining my therapeutic skills and neuroscience education and implemented this strategy with my clients.

My passion has always been to help mothers. I quickly found, they too, needed to align their brains. Once they did - they were able to find themselves again, embrace their journey, enjoy their pregnancies, delight in their children, and thrive in their lives outside of their families, too.

Education, Certification, Awards, &

Others Projects

Masters of Social Work

Stockton University, 2017

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

NJ Board of Social Work Examiners, 2020

Applied Educational Neuroscience Certification

Butler University, 2021

This three course graduate program is designed to assist professionals in understanding how the brain and nervous system are impacted by adversity and trauma.

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist Certification (TF-CBT)

Rutgers Behavioral Health, 2019

An intensive, evidence-based treatment to help individuals recover after traumatic incidents or complex trauma.

2021 NJ - National Association of Social Workers,

Conference Presenter

Developing Resiliency as Schools Return to the Classroom

A workshop designed to help school based professionals develop resilience and balance in themselves and their students.

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I am constantly learning to provide you the best care. This year, I will complete the following certifications:

  • Fair Play Facilitator
  • Perinatal Mental Health Certification

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